Zion Evangelical
Lutheran Church
October, 2020
Table of Contents
Office Update
October Birthday/Anniversary
Council Meeting Update
ZWIC Meeting Update
Prayer Requests
Church & Area Happenings
September Financial Report

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Please Welcome Nancy Rasmussen back to the role of Zion Lutheran Church Secretary!  Nancy will be handling the Secretarys job until a replacement can be hired.  Nancy will be at the church on Monday and Wednesday 9am-noon.  Please everyone welcome Nancy back to her role.  We are so Thankful for her
 Birthdays and Aniversaries
2nd      Shauna Suehs
6th    Dan Froding
          Judy Heise
7th                                                                  Mike & Brenda Thyssen
8th      Hunter Suehs                                       Allen & Holly Wohlrabe
          Rhonda Wilz
10th                                                                Don & Peggy Dallman
12th    Lori Gilbert                     
19th    Cashton Seeger
20th    Faye Wohlrabe
21st     Melanie Thyssen
23rd    Travis Pomeroy                                   Clint & Kim Beyer
24th    Brihla Seeger

Zion Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes
September 9th, 2020
Council Members Present:     Mike Thyssen, Walter Strebe,
Matt Buchholz, Jesse Knudsen, Carrol Brown, Jake Ferg,
Council Members Absent:      Cindy Levezow
Others in attendance:              Faye Wohlrabe, Dan Froding, Jane Suehs, Pastor John Hielsberg
Betty Piotter, Bill Piotter, Brenda Thyssen, Norris Brown
Kristine Hein, Sue Hein, Esther Schmidt, Kory Klemm
The meeting was called to order by Council President Mike Thyssen at 6:33 PM
Approve Agenda
A motion was made by Jesse Knudsen to move Committee Reports after Open Forum and then go into closed session, seconded by Matt Buchholz. Motion carried
A motion was made by Matt Buchholz to approve the agenda, seconded it by Jesse Knudsen.
Motion carried.
Secretary’s Report
A motion was made by Walter Strebe to approve the Secretary’s Report, seconded it by Jake Ferg. Motion carried.
Open Forum
Kristine Hine asked to be an administrator on Zion’s Facebook page.
Norris Brown asked why church was locked during open hours.
Committee Reports
Scrip – see attached
Building & Grounds -
New hot water heater was replaced in Pastor’s office
New windows for south and west side were purchased for $3,618.65
Bill Piotter resigned from Building and Grounds effective September 9th, 2020
Stickers will be placed inside the new hymnals at the worship committee meeting on September 30th.
Purchased new printer for church
Treasurer’s Report
See Attached.
A motion was made by Matt Buchholz to cancel Donna Knudsen and Pastor Ted’s church issue credit cards, seconded by Jake Ferg. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Matt Buchholz to have 8/3/20 – 8/31/20 statement of bills provided to council at next meeting, seconded by Jesse Knudsen. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Walter Strebe to approve the treasures report, seconded it by Matt Buchholz. Motion carried.
Council went into closed session 7:36 PM
Old Business
Pastor John spoke about his excitement for confirmation classes starting September 23rd, with confirmation taking place October 18th, 2020
New Business
  1. Meeting Letter – Letter sent out to ‘Members of Zion’ was not authorized by the Church Council and done without permission. According to C10.02.  Only the Church Council Body or the president of this congregation can call a special congregational meeting
  2. Call Committee – According to C13.03. only the Church Council can form a call committee
  3. New Business
Megan Pethke would like to reserve the church August 28th, 2021 for her wedding.
A motion was made by Walter Strebe to add to the October agenda that all salaried lay workers of the church be reviewed, seconded by Jake Ferg. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Carrol Brown to bring in Pastor Perry Fruhling (LCMC Conflict Resolution Pastor) to speak to the congregation, seconded by Walter Strebe. Motion denied 3-2.
Council closed session ended 9:24 pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:26 PM with the Lord’s Prayer
Next council meeting is Wednesday October 7th, 2020
Minutes submitted by Jesse Knudsen, Council Secretary
September 1, 2020
Betty Piotter, Brenda Thyssen, Faye Wohlrabe, Bev Glocke, Jenny Buchholz, Esther Schmidt and Carol Brown were in attendance.
Meeting was called to order by President Betty Piotter.
Brenda read the secretaries report.
Treasurer’s Report.  Elizabeth gave the treasurers report
Old Business: None since we have had no meetings
New Business:
A motion was made by Bev and seconded by Carol for donating 3 Baskets for the Al Tessen benefit.  $200 is our budget for the baskets.  Brenda will take the baskets to Smith’s Steakhouse.
A motion by Faye and seconded by Jenny to donate  $300 for Manawa Food Pantry and $300 for Manawa Fire Department. 
A new printer was needed to replace the old one.  Mitch Patri had one so it was installed.  A motion by Elizabeth and seconded by Carol for $300 for printer.
Guideposts were ordered for the shut ins for Christmas gift.
Betty Piotter, Brenda Thyssen and Faye Wohlrabe resigned from ZWIC. 
Motion by Faye to close with The Lord’s Prayer and seconded by Jenny.
A luncheon was served after.
Respectively submitted Brenda Thyssen


Please keep the following people in your prayers:
Elaine Zuge, Allen (Butch) Wegener,  Forest Kreklow, Brenda Thyssen, Jana Peterson (relative to several members), Todd Klemm (son of Bill & Harriett Klemm), Cory Anderson (brother to Terry Levezow), Gail Haag (friend of Donna),  Ken Niemuth,  Tracie Carrick, (daughter of Elaine Zuge), Dale Marcott, Betty Ball, Renee Graichen, (sister to Darla Graichen),  Eileen Mittelstaedt,  Danielle  Davis, (daughter of Dan Froding), and  Pastor Roger (St John's Lutheran Church).
The church will be open Monday & Wednesday from 9AM – Noon.    However, if you have an issue or concern you can call the church office at 920-596-3275.  Please leave your name, number and a brief message and someone will get back to you. 
The LCMC Annual Gathering will be held virtually on Monday, October 5, 2020 from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.  The gathering will be streamed live through the LCMC website.  Everyone is welcome to tune in.
Event Highlights:
-LCMC 3.0 – Introducing Mike Bradley as LCMC's new service coordinator and thanking Mark Vander Tuig for his service to the association. 
-Keynote Speakers- Gemechis Buba and Matt Randerson.
-Panel Discussion- To help provide a more interactive experience for our 2020 participants, a panel discussion will be held.  If you would like to submit a question to the panel, please text it to (515) 333-2772 by 3:30 PM CDT on October 5.
Bible Study
The Fall Bible Study will be held on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30 PM beginning on September 28, 2020.  We will be studying and discussing the Book of Daniel.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 
 Treasurers report
                                                            Bills                                Deposit           Balance
8/31  Interest                                                                                         $ .06                $2,789.09
9/1    Funeral Cookie                            $   50.00
9/1    Keys                                            $   15.77
9/2    Lucy                                            $ 100.00
9/3    Ch Cd                                          $   21.00
9/3    Solarus                                         $ 102.48
9/3    Secretary                                      $ 420.19  (SSMC $34.81)
9/3    Janitor                                          $ 233.95  (SSMC $18.55)
9/3    Carol                                            $ 179.16  (SSMC $14.84)
9/3    Kay                                               $  44.79  (SSMC $  3.71)
9/3    Treasurer                                      $ 148.08  (SSMC $12.30)
9/4    Bulletins                                       $ 111.91                                   
9/5    Mitch Patri new printer                $ 289.99
9/6    Supply Pastor                               $ 150.00
9/6    Offering                                                                                     $ 1,107.00
         Savings transfers storm windows                                              $ 3,618.65
         Payout Lucy/CFA                        $1,020.00
9/6    CFA Missions                              $  125.00                                                                                                         
9/6    Lucy                                             $  895.00                                                                     
9/7    Noffke Lumber                            $3,618.65
9/13  Supply Pastor                               $  150.00                                 
9/13  Offering                                                                                      $ 1,051.00
9/20  Supply Pastor                               $  150.00                                  
8/21  Safety Dep Box                             $   25.00 
8/23  Sup Pastor                                    $  150.00
8/23  Offering                                                                                      $  585.00
8/24  Guideposts                                    $ 131.64                      
8/30  Sup Pastor                                    $  150.00
8/30  Offering                                                                                      $ 1,850.50
Zion Lutheran Church
157 North Bridge Street
Manawa, WI 54949
Tidings from Zion
October 2020

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